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Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Architect: Lewis Architects

Contractor: East Harding Construction

Completed: 2020

This two-story, colorful facility provides patients and doctors with a soothing atmosphere and all the necessary amenities for a modern medical practice. The 12,408 sf building hosts exam & x-ray rooms, a casting room, a waiting room, a patient check-in area & physician offices. There is also plenty of storage and cabinetry to make organization easy.

We were able to add a unique element to the project with a special mount system on the Exam room signs, allowing the ADA panel to double as a chart holder.

Martin Orthopedics


What our clients are saying...

I knew I was dealing with a different kind of company when I received a hand-written "thank you" note from my rep at Archway Graphic Designs. The company had just won the bid to do the room number sigsn for a large building on the UCA campus. It was refreshing to know that a company genuinely appreciated our business and took the time to let us know. And it was obvious from the beginning that Archway was also committed to quality work and excellent customer service.

Joyce Taylor, Project Coordinator - Physical Plant

University of Central Arkansas

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